Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Toys & New Logo

I've been waiting patiently for the last week for one of my late night ebay purchases to arrive and today it did!  Meet my new toy, a Yashica Mat 124G twin lens, medium format camera.  Just like the ones we used to use in college!!  Anyway I am super excited to test this guy out.  My friend managed to pick me up some 120 B&W film today so hopefully will get a chance to test it out this weekend and then wait for the film to get developed, just like in the old days.  I might start developing it myself again but we'll see how fast the lab in Ottawa can get it done and mailed out.  How do you like the new logo??  Here are some shots from a recent glam session!  She was very happy with the results :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Robin learns how to ski at Camp Fortune

Robin and Opa

Griffin chillin out and enjoying some sun!

First time on the big chair lift :)
It’s All About the Images [infographic by MDG Advertising]
by MDG Advertising

Saturday, February 22, 2014

It's been a while...keeping busy

My mom asked me if I've added any new photos to this blog...then I felt guilty.  I've been keeping busy with the kids and animals and I went to my first bridal show and had a blast.  I got to meet a lot of soon to be brides and was very excited to show off my new sample products, including a wicked flushmount album!!!  Anyway I also made a little promo video for the show.  You can check it out here...

The kids are doing great.  They had their check ups yesterday and Griffin demonstrated how he could climb onto the exam counter all by himself and also how he can jump off of chairs and land on 2 feet.  The nurse was very impressed and a little frazzled.  While we were there I couldn't help but notice all of the bare wall space...I pitched an idea to the nurse to let me make some canvas enlargements of babies and pregnant women to hang up.  She liked the idea.  I think it would be really my little own art gallery in the clinic :)  We'll have to wait and see what comes of it.

Anyway tomorrow I will be dog sledding at Timberland Tours.  Should be a fun day!

Here are some pics of the kids...they are also on my Facebook page, but since some people (aka mom) refuse to sign up, here they are :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bristol Dryland Canadian Championship Dog Race 2013

It's that time of year again.  Next weekend will be the 4th annual Bristol Dryland Dog Race.  We moved to Bristol in 2011 and I witnessed the race for the first time that fall.  Last year I competed in the race for the first time and this year I have been helping Mr. Denis Rozon to organize and promote the event!  It's funny how things work out.  I have helped out with our 2 new websites: where I work as a dog sled guide in the winters. And the new race site at

This year I will be running the 1 dog scooter, 2 dog scooter, 4 dog cart and canicross!!!  Last year we had 115 teams/racers compete and this year we are anticipating even more.  People are starting to pick up on this awesome sport and a little competition in life is always fun :)  It's an awesome sport for humans and their furry friends.  We will be including junior categories in most of the classes this year as well.  Next weekend, October 26th & 27th, is the big race!  If you live in Ottawa or around the Pontiac, come and check it out.  Parking and Admission are free.  There will be food vendors on site and lots and lots of very fast dogs and their owners!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Check out the latest session...Twins!  It was a blast.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

1st Day of School

Robin and I survived her first week of school.  I had been losing sleep over it for the last few months...thinking about her on the bus with all of the big kids and then getting to school and wandering off.  Or being too shy to ask to go to the bathroom.  Or not knowing what is going on because everyone is speaking french.  BUT...she went and had fun and I wasn't the only mother who followed the bus the whole way to school :)  So life has been pretty busy.  We had a mid summer renovation which was supposed to last a week and ended up lasting almost the whole month of July.  The kids took swimming lessons at the beach and I ran my first mini triathlon and ended up winning.  Robin had her 4th birthday party and I kept busy with my photography and gardening.  Over the next few days I will get caught up on here and post up pics of everything that's been going on, but for now, here is Robin's 1st day collage.